Indus performs and provides detailed assessment analysis and reports related to compliances with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), local accessibility codes and the requirements of the Fair Housing Act (FHA). These analysis and reports are performed for both the exterior and interiors of the property as they relate to accessibility and compliance including, among other elements, ramps, toilets, elevator access, sidewalks, parking lot accessibility and the interior layouts.

Indus is the building architect for a number of privately owned buildings in New York City.  Our responsibilities include reviewing units owner drawings for the Board’s approval and we confirm that the applications are code compliant and will not adversely affect the building as a whole. We also provide zoning calculations and violation removal (ECB and DOB) on behalf of the building management.





Indus provides consultation in all phases of the project from planning and design compliance through review of completed contract drawings and specifications.  We also review as-built construction elements, assuring compliance.  This rigorous analysis can be provided as a report and/or as an annotated set of documents, including a comparative analysis of code-required clearances, distances, configurations, etc. with indications of the non-conforming items.  These services can be provided individually or as part of a larger assignment, such as those associated with providing services to prescribe the corrective measures required, litigation consulting, property condition assessment and as related to value-engineering. Indus performs energy code analyses for New York City and State (Energy Conservation Code- ECCNYS and NYCECC 2016). Depending on the application, we develop spreadsheets of the building’s insulation values either through a tabular analysis or a modeling approach (E-Quest) of New York State. We perform these analysis on new buildings and renovations to older buildings. The energy code analysis can be a stand alone consulting or part of our waterproofing consulting services.



Indus is expert in performing property assessments related to damage caused by the deterioration and deferred maintenance, or caused by storm events or design and construction defects.  Indus determines damage causation through detailed inspection and analysis, as evidenced by air and water intrusion through the building envelope. We indicate our findings in a report, with supporting images as required. We can also prescribe the methods for remedying the issues that are both cost effective and lasting. Indus provides consultation services to property owners, contractors and to other design professionals, in connection with building envelope issues, such as roof, wall and foundation waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation and compliance with the applicable energy codes.  We consult during the design process or provide review and analysis of existing designs and documents and of the as-built conditions. We provide detailed field investigations and/or annotated drawings, indicating the critical areas and elements affected.  We suggest appropriate materials and assemblies to achieve positive and lasting results.





Indus performs mediation, arbitration and expert testimony for Plaintiffs and Defendants in construction related litigation matters. Indus staff prepares expert reports, deposition questions and analysis of project documentation for legal teams. Indus advises attorneys on strategy, monetary awards and responses to other expert reports. Indus keeps all documentation in strict confidentiality with their attorney clients.



Indus performs Construction Administration for numerous projects, from large to small, residential to commercial.  Indus reviews product submittals, shop drawings, contractor progress payment applications and Requests for Information.  Indus has worked with several types of project management software including ProCore. Indus performs periodic site observation visits, to assure the Client that the correct materials are being installed and in the correct fashion.  Indus also performs Construction Monitoring services, both as a Prime and as a Sub consultant to other Architects, to provide full time site presence.



Indus has gained a solid reputation, successfully advising and testifying as an expert witness, in cases involving and in defense of property owners, developers, contractors, design professionals and private clients. As working professionals, our extensive knowledge of building codes and the logistics of the built environment, supplemented by our vast technical and code reference library, allows Indus to consult on wide-ranging technical and procedural construction issues, including but not limited to water intrusion, roofs, facades, windows, code and zoning compliance, quality, performance, element failure and design errors and omissions.  Indus deploys varied forensic techniques, which include document review and intensive site investigation to develop a professional opinion and provide critical information to the legal profession and those involved in the legal claims strategies.  Our efforts often result in claim dismissal or reduction in award value.








Indus provides consulting services to public and private clients, for new and older buildings. We are sensitive to today’s energy code requirements, as well as historic aesthetic sensibilities.

Indus maintains relationships with industry manufacturers, attends todays technical conferences and instruction seminars, yet also understands the unique construction of older structures. We seek to design appropriate materials, installations and specific solutions with regards to exterior walls and roof waterproofing, energy efficiency and restoration. We have worked with several New York City agencies in the renovation of historic facades and roofs. We have also designed Green Roofs and rooftop decking




Indus has extensive experience in residential and commercial interior design. We work with our clients closely to achieve their design objectives for their personal and business environments. We work with other designers, product manufacturers and suppliers to obtain the maximum cost savings without sacrificing quality and beauty.

FISP - (LL 11)


Formerly known as Local Law 11, FISP is an amendment to the administrative code of the City of New York, in relation to inspection of the exterior walls of buildings greater than six stories in height.


Owners of buildings higher than six stories mush have exterior walls and appurtenances inspected every five years and they must file a technical facade report with the NYC Department of Buildings.


The Filing Period for Cycle 7 Reports is complete. If your building has not filed a Cycle 7 Report at this time, you are subject to fines!




Indus performs reviews of architectural drawings with respect to egress, fire code, waterproofing, energy code and ADA building code issues. We mark up electronic drawings and creates PDF files which can be emailed back to the Client and the project team. We also make recommendations for standard water testing for fenestrations (windows and doors), and witnesses water testing in testing laboratories and in the field.



Indus performs Pre-Bid Assistance to our Clients, allowing the client to make informed decisions on awarding the contract.


This service includes:


• Conducting pre-bid meetings with contractors, in order to acquaint them with the repair scope of work and the repair drawings.

• Procuring the appropriate contractors.

• Preparing bid forms for circulation to interested contractors.

• Preparing "bid leveling" spreadsheets, which show the client a

comparison of the bid amounts.




Indus performs property condition assessments for clients who are considering purchasing commercial or residential properties. We also conduct ‘due-diligence’ assessments which determine the remaining life of building components and assemblies. We prepare “order of magnitude” cost estimates which provide, on a fixed time scale, anticipated capital expenditures and up-keep repairs, for budgeting purposes.



As experts in the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) and Department of Transportation (DOT) codes and requirements, Indus Architects provides SCARA (Sidewalk Curb and Roadway Applications) and Site Safety services to building owners, property managers and contractors. Indus has prepared drawings, submitted and filed numerous SCARA and Site Safety plans in renovations to building facades and related to scaffolding, rigging and sidewalk replacement projects.



Indus has extensive waterproofing and insulation for sound and heat/cold experience. We review and ‘red-mark' design details to highlight critical areas, and suggest appropriate material and construction techniques to achieve lasting waterproofing of building assemblies. We offer consultation on curtain walls, rain screens, cavity walls, masonry mass construction and EIFS (exterior insulating façade systems).

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